Roller Shutters

Automatic Car Park Roller Shutters

Automatic Car Park Roller Shutters are designed for Businesses or Residential Buildings car parks, they are designed to handle heavy cycles daily for the cars coming in and out that’s why our motors are produced and flown directly from Germany the land of motoring. As always, our number one priority is our safety and the well beings of our customers and the public so that’s why we use top quality safety devices to ensure this. We understand simple instructions can be made hard, that’s why with a simple touch of a button our Automatic Car Park Shutters can be operated and closed automatically after with no touch needed, ensuring the safety of the rest of the current cars in the car park. Our great design has immense security features while still holding that aesthetic look to keep the title of the best-looking building around, a work of art.

Electric Operation

We use a high-quality German made for all of our Automatic Car Park Roller Shutters, our motors are tested constantly to pass our quality test prior to installations.

Material Profile

We use a high-quality steel that is quality checked vigorously to ensure our customers are receiving the highest quality products offered on the current market. (22 Gage Steel)

Lath Type

There are range of different laths customers can choose from such as Solid Steel, Perforated Steel, Brick Bond Steel, Portcullis Steel & Insulated Steel.

Safety Features

Automatic Car Park Roller Shutters are fitted with full safety devices such as photocell, top photocells (if top section is Portcullis or Brick Bond), safety edges and safety brake as standard. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of the customer and public while the shutter is operating. 

Activation Type (Electric Only)

There are a range of options you can choose from for operating our Roller Shutters such as a Key Switch, Remote Controlled & Pin Pad Entry. 

Colour Finish

All of our Roller Shutters have an option to be fully powder coated of a customer’s colour choice, any colour you can possibly think of we can do.