Automatic Doors

We offer all types of Automatic Doors, such as Sliding Automatic Doors, Swing Automatic Doors & Revolving Automatic Doors. As a leading company we stock the best of the best products on the market available to design our Automatic Door packages. Our priority is to offer a quality and long-lasting door to our customers, with the leading focus of customer safety and well-being. All of our Automatic Doors are equipped with top of the range safety kits and sensors to keep our customers and their customers safe. Automatic Doors are a great choice for businesses with high customer footfall walking through their doors every day, it saves customers having to manually open them and risk damage and especially in this day of age, the spread of germs is stopped through the none touch systems we offer. A great addition to Automatic Doors is the modern and sleek design they come with, and there are no customization options for us to stop at.