Roller Shutters

Fire Rated Roller Shutters

Fire Rated Roller Shutters are designed to prevent fires from spreading from room to room in buildings, our Fire Rated Shutters are fully tested and compliant with the current guidelines and approved with the necessary certification. We work very hard on improving the design elements and how effective our Fire Rated shutters can be. We take extra steps to ensure all safety devices are checked vigorously to make sure we are providing top quality products. We pride ourself on being one of the very few companies who can turn Fire Shutters around very quickly as opposed to other companies who have weeks on weeks lead times.

Electric Operation

We use an Electric Fire Rated motor that has been approved and tested to meet the current guidelines.

Material Profile

We use heavy duty materials that meet the current guidelines and regulations to be effective against the spread of a fire.

Colour Finish

All of our Roller Shutters have an option to be fully powder coated of a customer’s colour choice, any colour you can possibly think of we can do.

Activation Type (Electric Only)

There are a range of options you can choose from for operating our Roller Shutters such as a Key Switch, Remote Controlled & Pin Pad Entry.

All Fire Rated Shutters are also connected to the fire alarms so they can be set of in the case a fire happening, during a fire alarm all Fire Shutters will come down in the closed position to stop a spread of a fire.