Roller Shutters

Garage Roller Shutter Doors

Garage Doors are designed for Residential Garages or Multi Garages we offer a great Rolling Garage Door as opposed to the standard Up & Overs or Sectional Panels, our Garage Door design looks much more aesthetic and modern and holds an even tighter security lock to keep belongings or even vehicles safe. Due to it being a rolling lath we can offer our Garage Doors at an even cheaper price than previous designs, putting more money back into your pockets. Our Garage Door is even thermal insulated so on top of security you are managing to keep the warmth in, instead of out. The main goal is to deter all intruders away from Homes or Garage Lock Ups and with our modern Garage Door we are sure you can have this.

Electric Operation

We use a high-quality tube motor for all of our Garage Doors, our tube motors are tested constantly to pass our quality test prior to installations.

Manual Operation

We would use a manually loaded spring barrel to operate our Garage Door, these would be operated via a handle from the bottom lath.

Material Profile

We use a high-quality steel that is quality checked vigorously to ensure our customers are receiving the highest quality products offered on the current market. (22 Gage Steel)

Lath Type

On our Garage Doors we would use either an Insulated 77MM Aluminium or Steel Profile Lath to provide the best security and an even better aesthetic look, you can always opt for standard Solid Steel if looking for something basic.

Activation Type (Electric Only)

There are a range of options you can choose from for operating our Roller Shutters such as a Key Switch or Remote Controlled.

Colour Finish

All of our Roller Shutters have an option to be fully powder coated of a customer’s colour choice, any colour you can possibly think of we can do.

Safety Features

Our main priority is our customers safety and the safety of the public as a standard our Roller Shutters are equipped with safety brakes to prevent any harm to anyone. We can offer a range of extra added safety devices for our customers to operate our Shutters automatically (Electric Only) such as Safety Edges.