Roller Shutters

High Speed Doors

High Speed Doors are designed for business sectors in Chilled Foods, Food Preparation, Industrial Cleaning. These doors are very useful when it comes to a business that have a high volume of people or fork trucks that are coming in and out of there building. Even better High-Speed Doors can be fitted externally or internally along side a Security Shutter so they can be used during the day as often as they want. The best-selling point for High-Speed Doors are they are very economical and energy saving and are a great way for insulating a building.

Electric Operation

We use a high-quality motor for all of our High-Speed Doors, our motors are tested constantly to pass our quality test prior to installations.

Material Profile

Our High-Speed Doors are made from self-extinguishing materials that regularly quality tested to maintain our standards.

Activation Type (Electric Only)

There are a range of options you can choose from for operating our High-Speed Doors such as a Push Buttons, Remote Controlled, Induction Loops & Pin Pad Entry.

Safety Features

Our main priority is our customers safety and the safety of the public as a standard our High-Speed Doors are equipped with safety brakes, sensors & photocells. to prevent any harm to anyone.

Colour Finish

All of our High-Speed Doors have an option to be fully powder coated of a customer’s colour choice, any colour you can possibly think of we can do.