Roller Shutters

Sectional Over Head Doors

Sectional Over Head Doors or sometimes know as Up & Over Doors are a great Door for warehouses, loading bays, storage units and doors you would need inspection units on. Our Sectional Door range have huge customization options to choose from, they are fully tested for safety and highest quality security provided. They are also a great Door to protect from Noise & Draughts from the outside, this would be perfect for an Industrial Unit Door. Even more if head room that is something that is in need off, our Sectional Doors are a great way to get more head room and a bigger opening overall.

Electric Operation

We use a high-quality motor for all of our Sectional Over Head Doors, our motors are tested constantly to pass our quality test prior to installations.

Manual Operation

Manually Operated Sectional Over Head Doors are operated via hand chain on either the left- or right-hand side of the door.

Material Profile

We use a high-quality insulated panel that is quality checked vigorously to ensure our customers are receiving the highest quality products offered on the current market.

Lath Type

There are range of different laths customers can choose from such as Solid Steel, Perforated Steel, Brick Bond Steel, Portcullis Steel & Insulated Steel. 

Activation Type (Electric Only)

There are a range of options you can choose from for operating our Sectional Doors such as a Key Switch, Remote Controlled & Pin Pad Entry. 

Colour Finish

All of our Sectionals Doors have an option to be fully powder coated of a customer’s colour choice, any colour you can possibly think of we can do. To save money we also offer the outer side to be coloured a stock colour we stock and the inside to be white. 

Safety Features

Our main priority is our customers safety and the safety of the public as a standard our Sectional Over Head Doors are equipped with cable brakes to prevent any harm to anyone. We can offer a range of extra added safety devices for our customers to operate our Sectional Doors automatically (Electric Only) such as Photocells & Safety Edges.